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Info For Art Lessons 

"Thinking "Here goes nothing" could be the start of everything" ~Drew Wagner

​I'm not your typical art teacher. For example,  I'm not interested in having each child draw and paint a perfectly realistic and shaded tree. I'm interested in the tree that's inside of them, the art of their heart. If their tree  is blue, that's fine with me. In fact, many of my trees are pink!
I encourage each student to take the project that we're doing and make it their own. I don't want cookie cutter art, I want the students to be brave and free to create. 
I balance my curriculum between learning about a medium, learning about an artist and making a mixed media project. One week I might introduce them to the seven different types of watercolors that I use, giving them the opportunity to find out for themselves which ones they like the best and which they're not so fond of. The next week we could learn about an artist and, based on their art, create something of our own. For example; when I did a Georgia O'Keeffe lesson with some students we talked about her Ladder to the Moon painting. We then did a mixed media piece  inspired by her painting.  We placed our ladder at our favorite spot (O'Keeffe's was at her home in the desert) and one of ours was at the beach. It was awesome. 
I also like to throw in a mixed media project, maybe one of the canvas classes that I offer. 
I give my students opportunities to try new things. If they express an interest in something then we explore it.  I promise that they'll learn a lot from me about art and techniques. They'll also learn lessons that I think translate from art to life. 
They'll learn to trust their instincts and to think for themselves.
They'll learn the value of the phrases "What if?"?and "Why not"?
They'll learn to take chances and that it's ok if those risks don't work out.
They'll learn to be kind to themselves and give themselves grace. 
They'll learn that perfection is overrated.
We start off most lessons sketching together, then we work in an art journal, unless we're doing a special project. 
Each student needs a sketch book, an art journal, a mechanical pencil and a white eraser. I provide all other materials. 
I currently work with Cabrillo Point Academy, Compass, Excel, Granite Mountain, iLEAD, Inspire, Mission Vista Academy, Pacific Coast Academy and Sage Oak Charters. Each two hour class is $50 if done in my home. Classes can be done in your home for an additional $50.  All lessons are free of religious content.
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